Friday, May 7, 2010

Phoenix Landscape Design

This Phoenix area home, designed and installed by Ultimate Landscapes, really encompasses the flavor of the native desert while spicing it up a bit with some cacti/plants from around the world. In the foreground above, one of my favorites, the "Argentine Giant" (Echinopsis candicans) is pictured in full bloom.

The native rock (2" to 8"grey stone you see) was used to really preserve the natural theme of the area. Gold 1/4" minus was put over the exposed dirt areas to give it a cleaner look but all effort was taken to use native colors.

In the background, you can see the specimen Saguaro (a real beauty that added its weight in gold) and specimen Yucca right in front of it. The hybrid "Desert Museum" Palo Verde was used as a shade tree for the home and the front courtyard. The Acker Stone Pavers really blend in with the home's theme and style. With the steep slope, we had to be creative but this paver driveway turned out to be a huge asset to this landscape.

The crew, the homeowner, myself, and even the HOA all worked together well from start to finish and we were able to complete this front yard project in about 12 working days @ site. (2.5 weeks) I appreciate when a project is really allowed to become what it was meant to become through creativity, hard work, and trust from the clients.


  1. What a beautiful flower on that cactus. I love living in Arizona, but I can't bring myself to doing my whole yard desert landscape. I love having a yard, this year I had Evergreen Turf install sod and love it, but I wish I could figure a way to incorporate some cacti. Maybe I could add a small cacti garden? I would love to have flowers like that in my yard.

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  4. Everybody thinks that Cactus is a useless plant

    cheers to Ultimate Landscapes for showing how Cactus can be used to enhance your landscape

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