Sunday, August 1, 2010

One of my favorite trees, the Tipuana Tipu

The Tipu Tree is easily one of my favorite trees to plant in Arizona. Besides being about the fastest growing tree I have ever seen, the Tipu has a very unique shape and structure. It can blend in nicely with a desert landscape or even compliment a sub-tropical landscape. It is important to know that with any fast growing tree such as Tipu, Sissoo, Mesquite, and Acacia, the proper maintenance of the tree's structure is essential. This is especially important during the 1st few years when the main branches are easily accessable and the ground work is being layed out for the long term shape of the tree. I once planted a 24" box Tipu for a client (7 ft tall, 3 ft wide canopy) and with good watering and care, I watched that tree become a huge assest to the landscape in about 2 years when it reached about 20 ft high and 15 ft wide. These trees continue to amaze me.

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