Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vibrant Desert Landscape Design

This Scottsdale Landscape Design completed by Ultimate Landscapes in the summer of 2008 shows the power of multiple textures, colors, and shapes in the landscape. The plants range from desert to sub-tropical and the goal was certainly to create a unique desert landscape - but a bit more lush and tropical looking. This landscape is very low water use and low maintenance as well.

The rock/ground finish used is called 1/4" minus "Madison Gold." The boulders are real, collected surface boulders that were built into the natural flagstone walkway. The landscape lighting fixtures are "Sedona Brown" in color and made by FX Luminaire. "Saguaro Pettite" is the style of the path lights used.

Some Plants pictured above: Aloe Striata (foreground, right side), Totem Pole Cactus (small "knobby" green cactus in the middle), Bougainvillea (bright pink in the background, right), Yucca Aliofolia (straight center), Twisted Myrtle (right side, dark green) Angelita Daisy (small, yellow flowers). These are all some personal favorites of ours.

Thanks to the homeowner and the crew! I can't wait to see this beautiful landscape thrive and mature for years to come.

Adam Bruce
Ultimate Landscapes
"Family Owned and Operated"

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