Friday, May 7, 2010

Desert Museum Palo Verde; What a tree!

Desert Museum Palo Verdes are a real marvel of science. With a succession that includes the Blue Palo Verde (Cercidium Floridum), the Foothills (Cercidium microphyllum), the Mexican (Parkinsonia aculeate), and the Sonoran/Palo Brea (Parkinsonia praecox). The DMPV takes great qualities from each of these which makes it faster growing, totally thornless, smooth trunked, have enhanced flowering, more cold resistant, basically a super tree ! This sometimes doesn't seem fair to other Palo Verdes. But don't worry, they all have a place in the landscape and we still use most varieties at one time or another. This particular tree just tends suit more "human" needs which is important. I have been at war with Palo Brea and Blue Palo Verde, those thorns cut right into your skull! Now you really know why the DM's are one of my favorite trees to plant in Arizona !

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