Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Landscape Lighting/Saguaro/ Fountain Hills

This Fountain Hills landscape was recently designed and installed by Ultimate Landscapes. The landscape lighting really turned out great. (Especially because this home is in Fountain Hills and it's darker at night!) We planted to the large, specimen Saguaro pictured above along with many other unique cacti and succulents. To find that particular Saguaro, the homeowner and I met at a salvage yard in Phoenix. This one struck both of us immediately, I think the homewoner experienced "love at 1st sight" even :)

Above is pictured a slate sidewalk and porch. This front area has a pretty strong slope (hard to see in the pic) and after racking our brains, we came up with this little nook instead of doing a retaining wall. It now blends in and looks like it was there all along.

The lighting pictured is all manufactured by FX Luminaire. Unlike plastic / metal kit lighting, the FX system is comprised of architectural grade components engineered to be specified and installed by professionals. The effects shown on this page cannot be performed with “kit” lighting. There is a big difference. These lights will usually go 10-20 years without much maintenance other than the occasional bulb change. They cost ~$120 per fixture installed are well worth it.


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